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NEG Funding

Vision Montessori School offers places to children aged 3/4 eligible for childcare provision under both the 15 hours a week or 30 hours a week Nursery Education Grant (NEG), as well as the 2 year old funding scheme. We also accept childcare vouchers.

You can check your eligibility for 15 hour / 30 hours a week childcare schemes  online by visiting:

Alternatively, you can contact the Ealing Family Information service on 020 8825 5588 and

Please get in touch with our team soon, as we offer spaces on a rolling basis, and cannot guarantee a place will be available later on in the year. We would be able to complete the registration process online.

We will deduct the NEG grant from the fees; there is an additional Montessori fee to be paid which incorporates snacks and fruit as well.

30 Hours / Tax Free Childcare

The Government has recently introduced new ways to help parents with childcare costs. The 30 Hour Childcare Programme is a programme which provides children with 30 hours of government funded education per week. This is available to working families (or working single parents), for children aged 3 and 4. 

Further information is available on:

'What is 30 Hours and Tax Free Childcare?'

Contact us to learn more about how we are working with the government to provide government funded education. Please kindly note, your child will be eligible the term after they turn three*:

  1. 1 September to 31 December - eligible from 1 January

  2. 1 January to 31 March - 1 April

  3. 1 April to 31 August - 15 June to 31 July

*in order to guarantee a 30 hour place as soon as your child is eligible, you must apply within the above time frames. The eligibility criteria for the 15 hour funding is also the same. 

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