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Step 1: To enrol your child at Vision Montessori, please download the admission form and send the completed form via email to


Bring this duly filled form electronically with you when you visit the school for admissions.

Step 2: After the admission form has been accepted, please fill in the detailed registration form, prior to your child joining Vision Montessori, and send the completed form to

Additional Information

Please Note:

Upon completion, please save the form with the name/title: “YOUR CHILD’S FULL NAME  2020-21 ADMISSION FORM” and email this completed Admission Form to If you could please do the same with the Registration Form as well. 

Please bring in the printed forms together with your hand signatures on your child's first day.

You can request to view our Privacy Notice to see how and why we request the information we do and how we process your data. Please note, you are able to amend or request for us to erase your information at any point.

NEG Grant
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