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About Us

At Vision Montessori, our aim is to provide children with a strong learning foundation that will support and enhance their future education. Our team of qualified Montessori Directresses and Early Years practitioners (teachers) are all dedicated to promoting the personal development and emotional wellbeing of all the children on a one-to-one level.


The school provides a safe and secure environment and promotes Maria Montessori’s principles of education. Children undertake Pals training, drama, Spanish, IT, cooking, Makaton (sign language), music, visit to a park, yoga and regular outdoor activities on a regular basis.


"I am very happy with the wide range of activities offered to children enabling them to learn along with play."

"The school is the most tranquil and peaceful school that I have visited."

Montessori Directresses

The Montessori directresses are the link between the environment and the child, and are not labeled 'teachers', since they demonstrate the use of the apparatus and thereafter allow the child to explore for themselves. They act as role models to the children and are responsible in maintaining calm and order under the Montessori pedagogy, thus, promoting an educational environment, allowing the young minds to explore their unique capabilities, creating motivated, curious and joyful learners.

Early Year Practitioners 

The school has Early Years practitioners (teachers) who are all dedicated to promoting the personal development and emotional wellbeing of all the children on a one to one basis.

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